10 Labour policies that ‘inspired’ the SNP Programme for Government…

5th September 2017 

10 Labour policies that 'inspired' the SNP Programme for Government...

  1. A soft opt-out Organ Donation Bill has been a Labour Member’s Bill in this and the previous sitting of the Scottish Parliament. Last year SNP MSPs voted against an opt-out Bill brought forward by Anne McTaggart.
  2. Free access to sanitary products in schools, colleges and universities is part of a Member’s Bill from Monica Lennon.
  3. An end to rough sleeping was in Labour’s 2017 manifesto, and it was the last Labour led Scottish government that passed world leading legislation aimed at ending homelessness in 2003.
  4. Labour has attempted multiple Member’s Bills to reregulate buses in Scotland.
  5. Labour proposed a publicly owned People’s ScotRail in our 2016 manifesto – a step further than the SNP’s commitment to a public sector bid.
  6. A Pupil equity fund is Labour’s Fair Start Fund – first proposed in 2015.
  7. Labour proposed a Scottish Investment Bank in our 2017 manifesto- with £20 billion of lending power behind it.
  8. Labour supported the Frank’s Law campaign in our 2017 manifesto –but would have gone further and scrapped charges regardless of age, and not just for those with prescribed conditions.
  9. Labour councillors already started work on exploring a basic income in Glasgow, Fife and North Ayrshire.
  10. Scrapping the public sector pay cap was a Labour manifesto pledge – and one the SNP voted against in the spring.

...and five that didn't...

  1. No commitment to using the tax powers to end austerity
  2. No plan to use the powers of the parliament to increase Child Benefit.
  3. No pledge to ban fracking.
  4. No plan to scrap the unfair Council Tax.
  5. No commitment to drop a second referendum on independence.