A school holiday grant would help thousands of families

4 June 2017

The summer holidays are just around the corner, and with that can mean a real squeeze on household budgets, especially for the poorest families.

Earlier this week the Evening Times reported that parents were skipping meals during the holidays to feed their own children.

That’s why Labour has a plan for a school holiday grant which would help nearly a quarter of a million Scottish children.

The grant would be a £100 payment, per child, to the poorest families at the beginning of the summer holidays and over Christmas, and would be available from the birth of the child till they were sixteen.

School Holiday Grant: the numbers

- £100 paid twice a year at the start of the summer and Christmas holidays
- 150,000 families would benefit
- 237,000kids would be better off

Scottish Labour would give a twice-yearly £100 seasonal grant to families who qualify for free school meals extended to include pre-schoolers in low income families, to help them out at these expensive times of the year.

You can read our plans to tackle child poverty in full here.

Here’s what Kez has to say about the grant:

"Labour's plans for school holiday grants could have a transformational effect for the poorest families.  The school holidays are just around the corner and they can hit family finances hard.

"That's why Labour would put more money into the pockets of working class families.

"That's the kind of change Labour can deliver. That's why on June 8 people should elect Labour MPs fighting for working class families, not SNP MPs who will only fight for another referendum."

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