Care workers deserve the Living Wage

UPDATE: SNP vote against plans to pay care workers a living wage

Today the SNP decided to vote against our motion to  invest the majority of our extra health spending on social care and to pay care workers a living wage

Scottish Labour Equality spokesperson Neil Findlay said:

“The SNP normally aren’t shy in stealing Labour policies – it’s a kick in the teeth to the people who need care and those who look after them that the SNP couldn’t bring themselves to support our plans today. 

“Today the SNP could have ended their sticking plaster approach to health and social care, instead it looks destined to stumble through winter of crisis management with the SNP.

“We want to see an NHS fit for the 2040s, not the 1940s. That begins by investing in social care, the SNP should recognise that.”

Find out more about what we were proposing - and why - in the blog below:

9th December

Today, we've backed a National Guarantee for care workers.

Speaking at the launch of the Commission for Provision of Quality Care report, Neil Findlay MSP has said the party would take up a recommendation to professionalise the industry with a national guarantee for a fairer deal for care workers.

That would mean:

→ Giving every care worker paid the living wage
→ Ensuring they are paid for travel cost & time
→ No zero hour contracts
→ Appropriate training for staff

Labour led Renfrewshire Council has already implemented these key targets and service users and staff are seeing the benefits with improved productivity and reduced staff turnover.

We would work with local authorities, health sector and private providers to ensure a National Guarantee for care workers on terms and conditions.

Professionalising the work force is vital to ensure the health service is fit to meet the challenges of the 2040s, and challenge the SNP to back their plans for more investment in social care in a parliamentary debate this afternoon.

On the announcement, Neil Findlay MSP said:

“We have to face the challenges of social care head on, so we can have a health service fit for the 2040s, not the 1940s.

“That’s why Scottish Labour back extra investment in social care, a living wage for care workers and today we announce our support for a National Guarantee for care workers

“This is about raising standards in the industry so those who receive care get a better quality care.

“Our NHS will feel the benefit too, a motivated professional workforce supported by more investment will keep more patients out of hospital, giving them the dignity of care in their own home and relieving the pressure on our hospitals.

“It’s time to end the sticking plaster approach to our health service an get serious about social care as a vital part of a sustainable NHS for the long term. The SNP have been quick to steal Labour policies before, they shouldn’t waste a second in supporting our plans on social care.”

WATCH the video of Gordon Aikman above to see why paying care workers the Living Wage is so important