Constituency profile: Glasgow North

Constituency: Glasgow North

Candidate: Pam Duncan

About the candidate: Pam lives in Glasgow and is a dedicated disability, equality and human rights activist.

The choice at this election: The choice at this election: The choice in Glasgow North is simple. If you want an MP who will continually stand up for the needs of the people of Glasgow North and not another divisive independence referendum, you have to vote for Pam. Labour is the only party that can beat the SNP here. Voters can choose one of two nationalists called Patrick - the SNP candidate and the Green candidate - or they can pick Pam who knows that nationalism doesn't provide the answers to the problems facing Glasgow North.

Pam said: "I'm standing as Labour's candidate for Glasgow North because I cannot sit back and watch our country be torn apart. I'm standing because I cannot let our hard fought rights be bargained away in the aftermath of Brexit.  I'm standing for progressive taxation system. I'm standing to end zero hour contracts. I'm standing to close the gender pay gap. I'm standing to defend the human rights act. I'm standing because women cannot live in fear of the rape clause.  I's standing because I want disabled women the length and breadth of the country to see that disabled women can, and should, speak up and be heard.

"On June 8 we can send a powerful message to Nicola Sturgeon that we do not want another divisive independence referendum, but instead we want to focus on the issues that impact people’s lives every single day.  Only Labour will stand up for the people of Glasgow North, and it’s time for an MP who is focused on this constituency not another referendum."