I’ve got Alex Salmond’s number and I’m calling him out.

Every now and then, most people like a bit of a flutter, and the bingo isn't a bad way to spend an afternoon.

It’s exciting, colourful and your chances of success are decided totally by random.

But what makes for a good night out doesn’t make for a good way to decide the future of Scotland.
Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are asking Scots to take a gamble on their future

and they still can’t (or won’t) give answers to some of the most basic questions.

Yesterday the Scottish Affairs Committee published a report ruling out a currency union, because it wouldn’t be in the interest of Scotland or the rest of the UK.
Yet despite another blow to their discredited currency plan the nationalists are silent. They have no Plan B, and the people of Scotland know it.

On pensions, Salmond can’t even tell older Scots how their pension will be paid.

On the cost of living, they still deny that living costs and household bills will be higher, even 

when major retailers and supermarkets say they will be.

People across Scotland are asking serious questions about what independence will mean to them, but they’re not getting the answers they need.

The SNP don’t know what currency we would be using, they can’t guarantee that there will be no disruption to Scottish pensions, and they don’t care about our household bills.

So with just ‘Heinz Varieties’ – that’s 57 – days to go until the referendum, I’ve got Salmond’s number and I’m calling him out.