Leadership Results 2015



14th August

Today, we announced the results of our leadership election, using a one person one vote system for the first time in our history.

Kezia Dugdale has been elected Leader of the Scottish Labour Party and Alex Rowley has been elected as Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

The results were as follows:


Kezia Dugdale – 72.1% of the total vote

Ken Macintosh – 27.9% of the total vote

Deputy Leader

Round 1

Richard Baker – 30.4% of the total vote

Gordon Matheson – 32.2% of the total vote

Alex Rowley – 37.4% of the total vote

Richard Baker was eliminated having received the least number of votes.

Round 2 after transferrals

Gordon Matheson – 44.5% of the total vote

Alex Rowley – 55.5% of the total vote

We'd like to thank our members and supporters, affiliated organisations and their members who registered to vote, along with our elected members for their engagement with this important process.

We’ve had a fantastic contest, real debate, a great sense of shared purpose and a determination from all our candidates and their campaigns, to show that Scottish Labour is ready for the fightback.