Constituency profile: East Lothian

Martin Whitfield

Constituency: East Lothian

Candidate: Martin Whitfield 

About the candidate: Martin lives in East Lothian and teaches in Prestonpans Primary School. He is a community campaigner, and has been involved in causes like the Grace's Sign Campaign for people with hidden disabilities and has campaigned to improve local train services.

The choice at this election: Labour's Iain Gray won the equivalent Scottish Parliament constituency seat in 2016, and at the 2017 local government election Labour beat the SNP and the Tories. It will be a close fight and every vote will count. Only Labour can beat the SNP here.  The Tories aren't at the races.

Martin said: "I'm delighted and honoured to stand for the East Lothian constituency, where I live and work.

"I love East Lothian and know that it has been let down time and again by the SNP. My promise in this campaign is simple.  I will always stand up for East Lothian and always put its interests first.

"On June 8 we can send a powerful message to Nicola Sturgeon that we do not want another divisive independence referendum, but instead a fair share for our schools, hospitals and other local services.  Only Labour can beat the SNP in East Lothian, and it’s time for an MP who is focused on this county not another referendum."

Only Labour can beat the SNP in East Lothian