Meeting with the Scottish Refugee Council

11th September

Scottish Labour is supporting displaced people seeking safety from persecution. Our new leader Kez Dugdale  has mobilised the campaigning power of the Scottish Labour Party and issued a call to action last week.




You can find out more about how we've asked members and supporters to get involved with the #refugeeswelcome campaign here - and how you can too.

Over the weekend, Kez was in the news showing support for the Daily Record's #WeWantRoom campaign.


She has encouraged Labour politicians, activists and supporters to also proudly demonstrate their support using #refugeeswelcome.


Today, Kez met with staff from the Scottish Refugee Council and members of the Refugee Women's Strategy Group and Scottish Refugee Policy Forum to discuss the issues most affecting communities, and what priorities for next steps of action must be.

Here's what Binta Ditchburn, Chair of the Refugee Women's Strategy Group said following the meeting:

‘We were delighted to meet Kezia in Glasgow today and to share experiences of refugee and asylum seeking women, particularly in relation to destitution, the asylum process, ESOL provision and quality of asylum housing. We hope that policy makers will continue to listen to the views of refugee and asylum seeking women and work with us to make a better future for women in Scotland’

We will continue to mobilise members to help on the ground, and our politicians will continue to call for further action to support those seeking refuge in Parliament.

Find out how you can help here