Programme for Government must work for the many.

5th September 2017 

The Scottish Parliament is one of the most powerful devolved administrations in the world.

It has the ability to make real, radical changes to people’s lives. The SNP can use these powers to stop Tory austerity and change Scotland. 

That's why Labour wants to see today's Programme for Government deliver policies that benefit the many in Scotland, not just the privileged few.

It’s welcome that the SNP has bowed to Labour pressure and look set to lift the public sector pay cap. The Nationalists should adopt more Labour polcies in the Programme for Government, such as: 

• Scrapping the unfair Council Tax and replacing it with a fairer system.

• Using the powers of the Scottish Parliament to increase Child Benefit by £240 per child by 2020.

• Bring Scotland’s railways into public ownership.

• End cuts to schools and local serviices. 

• Increase the top rate of tax to 50p so the richest pay their fair share.

We want to see a Programme for Government that matches the ambition of the people of Scotland. If we don’t then Labour will put our ideas to votes in Parliament and force the SNP to choose – a fairer Scotland with Labour, or more cuts with the Tories.