Scotland can be fairer, greener and better with Labour

12 August 2017

Scotland can be a fairer, greener and better country, here are 15 things we would do to make Scotland greener.

1. Aspiring to generate 50 per cent of our electricity, heat and transport demand from renewables by 2030.

2. Stress-testing all Scottish Government policies against climate commitments.

3. Banning onshore fracking.

4. Cancelling the SNP’s plan to cut air passenger duty which will lead to an annual increase in greenhouse gas emissions of 50,000 tonnes.

5. Tackling fuel poverty including introducing tougher targets to make private rented homes more energy efficient.

6. Creating more jobs in low carbon industries.

7. Supporting calls for a Just Transition Commission.

8. Calling for robust change from the Scottish Government through the Transition Training Fund.

9. Extending the powers to re-regulate local bus services and introducing regulationsto protect bus routes of critical community value.

10. Returning ScotRail to the public sector and ensuring train ticket prices are fairer, taking more cars off our roads.

11. Introducing a plastic bottle deposit scheme.

12. Encouraging public and private sector bodies to take part in ‘active travel’ schemes and persuading workers to commute by public transport. This also addresses air quality.

13. Supporting the development of a Sustainable Energy Innovation Centre, currently under review by the Scottish Funding Council.

14. Addressing biodiversity concerns including protecting our bees by prohibiting neonicotinoids as soon as our EU relationship allows us to do so.

15. Enacting an animal welfare plan to protect Scotland’s wildlife.

Read more about our summer campaign, For the Many, by clicking the image below: