SNP is letting down young women in sport

The SNP Government has failed to name any project or organisation which has benefitted from a £300,000 fund launched last year aimed at increasing the number of women involved in sport.

This simply is not good enough.

If you’re a young girl at school, you are 15 per cent less likely to be active in sport. We cannot stand by and let this continue.

The Sporting Equality Fund, announced by Nicola Sturgeon last July, was supposed to boost the participation, engagement, and promotion of women in sport.

At the Ladies Scottish Open Forum: Leadership in Business and Sport conference in Ayrshire, she said: “We look forward to working with sportscotland and others over the summer to take this forward and will be announcing more details later in the year.”

But in answer to parliamentary questions tabled by Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Government admitted that no organisations or projects have benefitted from it.

This comes just a week after we heard that Scotland’s record on child health is one of the poorest in Western Europe.  We must lose no more time in tackling childhood obesity and encouraging more young people to live a more active lifestyle, especially young women.

This, alongside the Scottish Government’s proposals to cut the sports budget by more than 8 per cent in real terms, shows the SNP is failing to deliver for our young people and to deliver the 2014 Commonwealth Games legacy we were all promised.

Women of all ages deserve better.