Tax and spend, SNP style.

10 August 2017 

This is tax and spend, SNP style.

1.) The SNP’s proposal to cut the rate of Air Departure Tax by 50 per cent is estimated to cost as much as £189 million a year by the end of the Parliament.

2.) That is more than the SNP government’s attempt to deal with the education attainment gap, the pupil equity fund, which has a budget of £120 million.

3.) That's against a backdrop of 4,000 fewer teachers, a teacher recruitment crisis falling literacy and numeracy standards.

4.)  The Scottish Government’s own analysis has shown, the effect of a cut in APD will be to increase air travel and associated greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes.

It is time for Derek Mackay, the Finance Secretary, to drop this tax break for frequent flyers and instead focus on improving the lives of working families.

Our summer campaign, For The Many, is this week focused on making Scotland a greener country.

Read about our campaign by clicking on the image below: