The briefing: school uniform grants

18 August 2017 

We think there should be a minimum rate for school uniform grants across the country - but councils shouldn't have to make even more cuts to their budgets to fund them.

What are school uniform grants? 

These grants to help low income families cover the cost of school uniform and essential items such as school bags, shoes and PE equipment.

The problem is the vary widely from local authority. You can find out what your own local authority pays here.

How much should they be?

John Swinney said they should be around £70, but research from the Poverty Truth Commission said £129.50 would be a better amount. 

Ensuring a consistent school uniform grant to all the poorest families would cost £13 million. 

Council budgets have been hammered by £1.5 billion of SNP cuts since 2011. We think the SNP should stump up fresh cash to pay for a minimum rate. 

As Scotland’s pupils go back to school, Scottish Labour’s summer campaign, For The Many, is this week focused on education.

To read more about our summer campaign, click the image below: