14 April 2017

Scottish Labour campaign manager Alex Rowley today urged Scots to use their vote in the forthcoming council election, warning ‘the future of our local services is at stake’.

Postal ballots started landing on doorsteps across Scotland this morning, with tens of thousands of Scots expected to cast their vote by post. To apply to vote by post, click here.

Mr Rowley said voters face a choice between electing a local champion with Labour or an SNP councillor who will only care about another divisive independence referendum.

The SNP has cut £1.5billion from local services since 2011, including £170million this year alone.

Speaking after a photo-call to mark the start of postal voting, Scottish Labour deputy leader and local election campaign manager Alex Rowley said:

"As postal votes begin to land on doorsteps, people must start to seriously think about what these elections are about.

“This is a vital election and it is crucial that people get out and vote. The future of our local services is at stake.

"Voters can send Nicola Sturgeon a message that they want her to focus on the things that really matter - like getting people into work, investing in local schools, and growing the economy.

"Instead of trying to impose another divisive referendum that the people of Scotland don't want, the SNP should focus on the job of government.

"Every Labour councillor elected will be a local champion for more investment in local services like schools and care of the elderly. Every SNP councillor will put another divisive independence referendum first.

"That's the choice voters face. Only Labour can stop the SNP. If people want more investment in local services and councillors who will put their community first, then they have to vote Labour."