The SNP should listen to Scotland ahead of the budget

Today, a poll published in the Daily Record shows support for setting the Scottish rate of income tax 1 penny higher than the rate set by George Osborne

On the news, our Public Services spokesperson Jackie Baillie said:

“This is a significant moment ahead of the final reading of the budget next week, and it gives the SNP a clear choice – endorse the tax plans of George Osborne or use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to stop cuts to our schools and services.

"This poll shows strong support, including amongst SNP voters, for Kezia Dugdale's bold plan to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to stop cuts.

"For nearly a decade the SNP have stopped short of delivering radical change in government because they always have one eye on the polls. These findings confirm there is nothing stopping the SNP government from doing the right thing.

"Faced with the choice between using Scotland's powers to invest in the future or the SNP's cuts to schools, Scottish Labour choose to use our powers. It is now time for the SNP to think again on cuts. There is a better way.”

Experts from trade unionists to think tanks, from local government leaders to commentators are lining up, saying our plan is fair.