We will match our compassion with action

3rd September

The quiet compassion of people across Scotland, and the wider UK, has become disgust and shame as we have watched children and families suffering as they seek to flee the chaos in the Middle East, looking for sanctuary in Europe.

There is growing anger that our government refuses to offer a safe home for refugees. We share this anger and feel compassion for those desperately looking for safety.

We will match our compassion with action.

We are mobilising the campaigning resources of the Scottish Labour Party to win change and to welcome those fleeing conflict to our communities. We won't do this in a partisan way, we will work with the many respected groups already helping refugees, but we do recognise that this is political. So we will put pressure on the Prime Minister to change his position. Sign the petition.

Let's organise in our communities. Labour Councils around Scotland are already working to resettle refugees. Want to know what you can do? Here is a list of some collection points in Scotland where you can make vital donations to help those in Calais now.

Will you help?

Donate vital items to one of these collection points. Take a look at this tweet highlighting what is really needed at the moment. 


Can't make it to one of these collection points? Here's two other ways you can help:


Share this graphic below on your Facebook and Twitter and urge your friends and families to support these efforts too.



We're also asking all members and supporters to post selfies on their social media with posters saying #refugeeswelcome - and to encourage their churches and community groups to do the same. Together we can tell the government that their lack of action is unacceptable.

We believe this sort of campaigning is in the best traditions of the labour movement. We have a proud history of working to save and to welcome refugees, and this should be no different. It is in the best traditions of our nation. Throughout history we have welcomed people fleeing for their lives and, in turn, enrich our national life. This time should be no different. 


"Warm words from politicians are not enough, we need action to protect refugees"

- Leader Kezia Dugdale