We’re taking to the streets right across Scotland to spread the word about our #HouseToHome campaign and tell people about our bold and radical plan to fix Scotland’s housing crisis.

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Our Endorsers 

     Lisa Kinnaird (24) Megan Crosbie (24)
Private Tenants from Kirkcaldy, Fife

"We're really excited about the recent announcement from Scottish Labour to give first time buyers like us a grant of up to £3000. Right now the idea of owning our own home and having the stability which comes alongside it, compared to renting privately, is something completely out of our reach whilst stuck in a cycle of paying high rent and being unable to save the amount we would need for a mortgage.

“This would be a brilliant start for any future Government to ensure it doesn't leave young people and their ambitions behind"




David & Shelley Walker
Parents from Cumbernauld

“We have three son’s still living at home and one renting privately. We’d love to be able to help them with deposits for a mortgage but it’s just not realistic. Between massive deposits for mortgages and huge waiting lists for council houses I really feel for young people today. This plan should make a real difference and has our full support.”





Emma and Kevin Cardonald

“We would be looking at saving up for at least another 5 years, it puts your whole life on hold. The current Help to Buy system isn’t working and last year it ran out after a few weeks. Labour’s plans would give us a huge boost for our deposit meaning we could afford a house much sooner”.




Graeme & Sarah Tait
Newlyweds from Dumfriesshire

“Me and Sarah are delighted with the announcement that a Labour Government will increase our savings for a deposit. We are finding saving for a deposit difficult but this guarantee is encouragement for us as we will be supported by a Labour Government. These are true Labour values to give every hard work person a great reward in live.”




Barrie and Wendy Clark
Parents from Glenrothes

"The announcement from Scottish Labour to give young people like our son a grant of up to £3000 to help towards getting their first property is a huge step forward to helping young people in Scotland.

“When we left home, getting your foot on the property ladder and having somewhere to really call home was a realistic goal but for too many young people today it's now an impossible dream. This latest idea from Scottish Labour could ensure that it becomes a possibility again"