Bus passengers across Scotland are losing out – vital services have been cut back and fares are going up. Too many communities aren't getting the bus services they deserve because bus firms are picking and choosing the most profitable routes.

Buses are the most widely used form of public transport. Without access to good bus services people struggle to get to work or college, young families find it difficult to access health care services and older people are cut off from their communities.

Scottish Labour is calling on the SNP Government to re-regulate buses, and make sure that bus companies put people before profit. Neil Bibby MSP, Labour’s Transport Spokesperson, has published a paper exposing the extent of the SNP’s failure on our bus services. Read the full report here.

With more power to determine routes, set fares and integrate bus services with other forms of public transport, we can shift the balance from the owners of big bus companies to passengers, and provide more affordable bus services that are responsive to the needs of local communities.

It’s time for the SNP to stand up to the big bus companies and put passengers first.

Sign our petition, backing our campaign to put passengers before profit and re-regulate the bus industry in Scotland.