Summer Campaign: For The Many

In this year’s General Election, we ran a positive and uplifting campaign in Scotland, with Kezia Dugdale and Jeremy Corbyn's pro-UK and anti-austerity message offering hope to people up and down the country. This was in stark contrast to the SNP and the Tories who offered nothing to improve the lives of ordinary people.

It’s two months since voters went to the polls, and Labour remains on an election footing across the UK.

We are still fighting for a country that works for the many, not the few. Will you join us? Join our campaign for the many now.

Big Campaign Weekend: 26-27 August

Our big campaign weekend is on Saturday and Sunday, August 26th and 27th. We’ll be in touch nearer the time about how you can help our campaign for a Scotland that works for the many, not the few. Sign up to be part of the Big Campaign Weekend here.

What is the summer campaign?

The summer campaign is our opportunity to take our positive message of hope out onto the doorsteps across the country, opposing Tory cuts and challenging the SNP’s abysmal record of running our schools, hospitals and other public services.

Download the campaign pack for more information on how you can get involved locally. 

We are campaigning on a number of themes this summer - education, transport, health and social care, living standards, aspiration and hope, and the economy. While the Scottish Labour Party will be campaigning on these themes on a week by week basis, we advise you pick and choose one or two themes which are prominent in your local community and campaign on these over the summer.

Here are just some of the announcements we have made in recent weeks:

A new industrial strategy for Scotland:

This is our radical blueprint for placing Scotland at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.  Click on the image below to read.


A five-point plan to tackle working poverty:
It is 15 years since a Labour government introduced tax credits, which have lifted millions out of poverty. But after nearly a decade of Tory and SNP austerity, there remains so much more to do.  Click on the image below to read our five-point plan.


Real opportunities for young people
At least 130,000 young people in Scotland would see a pay rise with Labour’s Real Living Wage and we would ban zero hour contracts. Read more by clicking the image below:


A workforce commission to tackle the staffing crisis in our NHS:
Staff shortages are leaving NHS staff overworked, under-resourced and under-valued, so we have established a workforce commission to address the challenges.  Click on the image below to find out more.


A plan to boost school leaver opportunities:
We can only design policies to improve education and employment outcomes for young people if they are based on better quality information. Click on the image below to read more:


Protecting our welfare state:
With the powers of the Scottish Parliament we can make different, fairer choices to those of a Tory government. Click the picture below to read an article from deputy leader Alex Rowley.


Increasing the number of new mothers who breastfeed:
We have unveiled proposals to include breastfeeding equipment in Scotland’s new baby box. Read more by clicking on the image:


Tackling Scotland’s housing crisis:
We want to see a national house building strategy which sets out the numbers of houses to be built in each area and allows for proper planning and delivery. Read more below:


Transforming our railways:
We have unveiled a blueprint to improve Scotland’s railways that includes automatic compensation for delayed journeys. Read our plan here:


Save our lifeline bus and ferry services

We have unveiled our plan to prioritise public service over private profit and save our bus and ferry services.


A 15 point plan to make Scotland greener. 

Cancelling tax cuts for frequent flyers, a ban on fracking and more jobs in low carbon industruues are just some of our plans to make Scotland greener.


Labour's plan to end period poverty

Labour MSP Monica Lennon launched the consultation stage of her Member's Bill which would introduce world-leading legislation to end period poverty


Give every child the opportunity to succeed

We have called for a review of the senior phase of school and want the government to consider introducing a Scottish Graduation Certificate


We want unfair exam appeals scrapped

We have called for charges for exam appeals to be scrapped in a bid to widen access to university


We want to see an end to the postcode lottery for School uniform grants 

A minimum rate - backed up by fresh funding - should help end the postcode lottery for school uniform grants 


We have a plan to make Scotland's schools the best in the world

We would use bursaries to attract teachers into key subjects such as Mathematics and Physics, as well as reversing SNP cuts to local budgets.

It's time for the richest to pay their fair share

We renewed our pledge for a 50p top rate of tax after it was revealed that the number of additional rate taxpayers had increased by 91% since 2010.

Our Child Benefit plan would help half a million families

Our plan to boost child benefit would help over half a million Scottish families and nearly 1 million kids.

There is a lot more to come this summer as we keep the pressure on the failing SNP and Tory governments.

But we need your help. Unlike the Tories and the SNP, our party is not funded by big business and lottery winners.  We rely on individual donations from our members and supporters, to fund our campaigns and to help rebuild our party from the grassroots up.  If you can afford to, please donate via the buttons below.