Scottish Leadership Result 2017

Today we announced the result of the Scottish Labour Leadership election.

Richard Leonard has been elected Leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

Following the result, Richard said: 

“With this new movement for real change, energised with this new generation helping to lead it.

“But founded on our old and enduring idealism too.

“That is the unity we can rally around, not simply a call for unity but around a renewed unity of purpose.

“And our shared purpose is clear, to build again, to win again.

“So that our purpose today is not just elected a leader. My aim is to be the next Labour First Minister of Scotland.”

The result was as follows:

  Total Votes Percentage
Richard Leonard 12,469 56.7%
Anas Sarwar 9,516 43.3%


  Richard Leonard Anas Sarwar
Members 9,150 (51.8%) 8,514 (48.2%)
Affiliated Supporters 3,281 (77.3%) 961 (22.7%)
Registered Supporters 38 (48.1%) 41 (51.9%)


Turnout  62.3%      
Ballots distributed  35,309
Spoilt Ballots  9
Valid votes cast  21,994