Alex Neil to face motion of no confidence after Monklands shambles

Alex Neil to face motion of no confidence after Monklands shambles

Health Secretary Alex Neil will face a motion of no confidence tomorrow (Wed) following his mishandling of the Monklands decision in his constituency and his subsequent efforts to cover it up.

The motion was lodged by Scottish Labour’s health spokesman Neil Findlay and will be debated at 3.30pm on Wednesday afternoon in the Scottish Parliament. This will be the first time a motion of no confidence has been debated for 13 years.

Neil Findlay MSP said: “Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Alex Neil and Alex Salmond continue to blindly claim that no wrongdoing has taken place with the health secretary’s involvement in mental health services at NHS Lanarkshire.

“Nearly a week after these damning emails were released under FOI, Alex Neil’s explanation as to why he meddled in local services and then claimed he had excused himself from the decision have not been satisfactory.

“Medical experts stated that keeping Monklands wards open would result in a ‘less than optimal service’ for patients. Yet Alex Neil has been unable to provide any clear rationale or evidence for changing the decision, which is contrary to his own health policy of delivering health services in communities wherever possible. 

“Now that it has emerged the wards he ordered to save contain asbestos, his position has been made even more difficult. His failure to come up with answers to the questions being asked of him mean he is not fit to be running our health service.”

20 May 2014