Labour’s by-election run continues

Scottish Labour enjoyed another by-election success after Gordon Muir took a seat from the SNP in Clydesdale South.

Labour won in the South Lanarkshire Council by-election with a three per cent swing from the SNP to Labour.

Of the 22 local government by-elections since the May 2012 elections, Labour has won 11 of them, including six gains. The SNP has won just one.

Gordon Muir, 46, is a community activist who is the current Chairman of Blantyre and South Lanarkshire Credit Union, a director of Routes to Work South and works with community transport.

His campaign was given a boost on Wednesday when the Referendum Battle Bus joined the campaign team.

New councillor Gordon Muir said:

“I am delighted and privileged that the people of Clydesdale South have put their faith in me as their local councillor. The response during the campaign has been fantastic and people are clearly agreeing with Labour’s positive message about the future of the country.

“I have worked for a number of local organisations over the last decade and know that the people of Clydesdale have lots of energy and ideas to make our communities better. I am looking forward to getting to work to make those ideas a reality to help tackle the challenges facing our communities.” 

South Scotland MSP Claudia Beamish said:

“I have known Gordon for a number of years through his work in the community and am delighted he will now take that experience into the council on behalf of local people.

“We have seen it time and time again - when the people of Scotland are being asked to vote, they are switching from the SNP to Labour and that has happened again here.

“With just over 100 days to go to the referendum, this result is a tremendous springboard for Labour’s campaign to highlighting the case for Scotland staying strong in the United Kingdom.”

6 June 2014