Rent Reform: Which Side Are the SNP On?

James Kelly MSP has called upon the SNP to clarify who’s side they are on – hard pressed tenants in Scotland’s private rented sector or the Tories.

Writing in LabourList today, Kelly outlines his case for rent caps as part of the Housing (Scotland) Bill, which SNP and Conservative MSPs voted against during the Stage 2 reading.

Scottish Labour will submit the amendments again for the Stage 3 reading of the Bill. The amendments require Scottish Ministers to bring forward regulations to limit rent reviews to once a year and to cap rent increases.   

In his article, Kelly writes “Devolution should be an opportunity for Scotland to lead the way in tackling poverty and inequality, not a talking shop dominated by constitutional debates. By capping rent increases Scottish Labour are on the side of Scotland’s private renters, over 100, 000 of whom live in poverty, who are facing a cost of living crisis and who have been ignored by politicians for too long.

The SNP need to decide if they are on the side of these people as well, or if they are sticking with the Tories. Again.”

27 May 2014