The SNP have been in Government for 14 years

Nicola Sturgeon has been First Minster for 7 years

And in that time:

  • The SNP have broken their commitments to thousands of patients who have waited too long on NHS waiting lists.
  • Thousands of children and families are still living in poverty, worried about heating their homes and putting food on the table, while the SNP leave control of benefits with the Tories in Westminster
  • Promised green jobs have never appeared while manufacturing and renewables jobs go overseas and the SNP preside over delayed ferry contracts that cost the taxpayer million.
  • School pupils and students have been let down at every turn, despite education supposedly being Nicola Sturgeon’s number one priority.

This is an SNP Government that have run out of ideas.

Read the top 50 SNP failures and broken promises below.

Scotland deserves better

Coming out of the collective trauma of the pandemic our priority has to be on national recovery.

Agree? Help us build a fairer, stronger Scotland.

Scottish Labour will build a fairer, stronger Scotland

We believe our country must be focused on recovery. We need to move on from the old arguments and focus on solutions that will deliver a fairer recovery and a better future. Our focus will be on:

A Jobs Recovery: Ensuring that everyone who can work has the offer of a job.

NHS and Social Care Recovery: To increase the healthy life expectancy of people living in Scotland.

Education Recovery: Moving the Scottish education system to the top of international league tables.

Climate Recovery: Achieving net zero emissions in Scotland and spark a green jobs revolution.

Community Recovery: Make every community in Scotland a place where people can grow up, settle and work, with access to public services and free from poverty and hunger.