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Bills are going up, petrol prices are up, and the weekly shop is more expensive than ever.

Neither the SNP, nor the Conservatives, understand just how bad things are. They have put up taxes, increased rail fares, and upped water rates.

Every level of Government – from your local councillor to the Prime Minister and First Minister must be focussed on bringing down bills, not division and political bickering.

As too many people face the impossible choice between heating and eating Scottish Labour have an immediate plan to tackle this crisis:

  1. A windfall tax on oil and gas giants making £44,000 a minute so we can reduce bills by up to £600.
  2. The UK government must give people a £200 payment grant, not a loan, to help with bills.
  3. We need a £400 payment for those families struggling the most.
  4. A £100 rebate on water rates for every household.
  5. Halving rail fares for three months, and capping bus journeys at £1.80.

Our plan could deliver over £1000 of support to those who need it. 

You can sign up to back our plan here.

The SNP are offering families just £4 a week while the Conservatives hike up taxes on working people.

In the long term we will abolish the unfair council tax, upgrade the energy efficiency of people’s home and create a publicly owned energy company to bring down bills.

All across Scotland people are hopeful for the future – they just want a bit of help to deliver the potential they see all around them.

So this May – when you go to the polls for council elections – you have a chance to choose Labour candidates dedicated to building better communities.

Who’ll do everything in their power to tackle the cost of living crisis – and make politicians in Edinburgh and London wake up to the harsh reality of rising bills.

On May 5th vote Scottish Labour.

To elect local champions who will put you, your family and your community first.

Vote Scottish Labour and let’s build the future together.

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