The rising cost of living is a national emergency on the scale of the pandemic – it is time for the UK and Scottish Governments to deliver a response the matches the scale of the crisis facing households across Scotland. 

For months, people and businesses have had to deal with growing anxiety and frustration as prices soared… but both of Scotland’s governments have been missing in action. 

Instead, for over a year now, Labour has been leading the way on tackling the cost of living:  

From Westminster, we’ve called for energy price rises to be cancelled and for a windfall tax on the massive profits of oil and gas giants.

From Holyrood, we’ve called for an Emergency Cost of Living Act, which you can read here. 

We also released our Mortgage Rescue Scheme plan in Autumn 2022 – find out more here.

After initially siding with the Tories, the SNP finally back-tracked and supported our calls for a windfall tax. Then the SNP-Greens flip-flopped again and agreed to our proposals for a rent freeze across Scotland. 

We welcome these u-turns. But there’s more to do. 

From opposition, Labour has been setting the agenda on the cost of living crisis – just imagine what we could do in Government.

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