October 1, 2018 Blog

The real Ruth Davidson

October 1, 2018.

Ruth Davidson claims to be a different type of Tory.

One who stands up bravely against some of her own party’s policies in government,  a voice of reason inside an increasingly chaotic Tory party.

She might try and paint this picture, but the reality is very different.

Don’t be fooled by the photo-ops, Ruth Davidson’s record is shameful.

Ruth’s record:

Rape clause

In 2017, the UK Tory government disgracefully introduced the ‘rape clause’.

This meant that due to the government’s child benefit cap, women who conceived a child through rape would have to submit evidence to officials just to get additional welfare support if they already had two children.

This would clearly make it harder for these rape survivors to get the support they needed and, most disgracefully, force them to relive the trauma of their experience.

Ruth’s response? It’s just a box-ticking exercise.


Over the last eight years the Tories have slashed spending on vital services that support the most vulnerable in our society.

Their response to the financial crisis was to punish the poor instead of reforming the economy in the interests of the many.

Ruth Davidson has backed every single Tory manifesto at general elections, all of which contained a wrath of policies aimed at balancing the country’s books on the backs of the poor.

From the Bedroom Tax to the cap on child tax credits, Ruth Davidson has shown no opposition to austerity. Instead she has supported it.

Supports tax cuts for the richest

Since coming to power the Tories have cut taxes on their friends in big business, a move that has been repeatedly supported by the Scottish Conservatives under Davidson.

When it comes to income tax, which is now devolved to Scotland, her record is no different.

Ruth Davidson has repeatedly opposed any move to ensure the richest pay their fair share.

The Union

Ruth Davidson likes to tell Scots only she can be trusted to defend Scotland’s place in the UK.

The reality is that the Tories chaotic Brexit negotiations has breathed new life into the calls for a second independence referendum.

Instead of acting as a bulwark against nationalism, Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives are acting as a recruiting sergeant.

She can pose with as many tanks as she likes but the reality is clear: Voting Tory hurts the poorest and puts Scotland’s place in the UK in jeopardy.