Mobilise: Organising for real change

Through our training programme ‘Mobilise: Organising for Real Change’ we are developing the skills of candidates and key activists to build, fight and win for working class people at the next election.

Mobilise creates an easy entry point for new activists to get involved in our movement and will energise our existing leaders and candidates.

There are nine bespoke modules delivered in a hands on, practical way covering:

  • voter persuasion
  • field organising
  • digital organising
  • community organising
  • delivering your message (digital)
  • delivering your message (print)
  • targeting and analysis
  • working with trade unions
  • building your CLP

The training focuses on using new digital technologies to mobilise, organise and build up our people-powered movement. Most importantly, this training urges members to take action and make real change now.

It is only through mobilising and organising that we will radically increase our power in communities, and through building the skills of Scottish Labour activists we will deliver real change – for the many, not the few.

You can find out more about what’s covered in each module below.

Field Organising (part one)

Field organising is about taking a leading role in mobilising members to run local grassroots campaigns and undertake one-to-one conversations, building deep connections in communities to activate voters. In this session you will learn how we make decisions on where we campaign, how to advertise campaign sessions, how to run canvassing sheets using Contact Creator, how to use the Doorstep App and how to enter data.

Field Organising (part two)

Following on from the Field Organising Part One session, in Part two you will learn how to lead a team of volunteers and run a voter persuasion session.

Digital Organising

Digital organising is about using digital technology and Labour Party digital tools to mobilise members and supporters to take action. Organising and mobilising our supporters is crucial to winning elections and making real change happen. But organising isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. This session will teach you how you can get the most out of digital tools and channels, including email, social media, our online phone bank ‘Dialogue’ and our new volunteer management platform ‘Organise’, to mobilise our supporters.

Delivering your message: digital (creating good social media content)

Campaigning using digital channels must be an integral part of every Labour campaign. This session will cover the importance of using digital in campaigning and top tips for producing good social media content, including writing engaging copy, taking good photos and producing simple graphics.

Delivering your message: print

Being able to tell a story and articulate your message in printed materials is a fundamental part of every Labour campaign. Writing engaging copy, taking good photos and delivering effective direct mail are central elements of a winning print plan. This session will also cover how to manage your message in the local media to ensure that you maximise all your print campaigning.

Voter Persuasion

During this session you will learn why voter persuasion matters and get top tips on how to have effective, persuasive conversations to activate voters and commit supporters to action. If you are new to doorknocking or just looking to refresh your skills, come along to this interactive session as we share our top tips to make sure you have the confidence to have effective conversations with potential Labour voters.

Targeting and Analysis

Come and learn how to run data-driven, targeted campaigns and better understand voters in your constituency. You will learn how to use the advanced features of Contact Creator to build selections, and how to use mosaic profiling. You will also learn about Labour’s new targeting and reporting tool Insight to produce interactive visualisations and summaries of data on electors in your area.

Community Organising

This session is an introduction to community organising and will cover building winnable campaigns and winning inbetween elections.

Delivering your message: digital (Targeting voters online, digital advertising)

Want to learn how to create exciting and engaging digital advertising to give your local campaigns an impressive online presence? Come and learn how you can use digital advertising in your campaigns and how you and your local party can get your message across on Facebook and other social media channels.

Building your CLP

During this session we give you top tips on how to make CLPs more engaging for members. We will share best practice for Labour Party role holders, including how to hold effective local meetings and member mobilisation to get more people involved locally. The session will also cover safeguarding and how you can embed equality and diversity in your CLP to ensure your meetings are safe, inclusive and accessible.

Delivering your message: digital (video for social media)

Good videos add real impact to your online campaigns, and are a great way of getting your message out on social media. Come along to this workshop and find out how to produce quality video content.

Community Organising

This session is an introduction to community organising and will cover building winnable campaigns and winning in between elections.

Working with Trade Unions 

Building relationships with local trade union branches is essential for building a broad, grassroots, people-powered movement. In this session you will learn more about the history of the Labour link, the role of TULO, the role of a CLP co-ordinator and how you can make the most of the union connection.

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