Who’s on the SEC?

Find out more about the Scottish Executive Committee and its members.


The Scottish Executive Committee is the governing body of the Scottish Labour Party, overseeing the overall direction of the party and the policy-making process. It sets strategic objectives on an annual basis and meets regularly to review the work of the party.

Members of the SEC

The SEC is structured so as to represent all key stakeholders in the party.

Chair: Scott Arthur

Vice Chair: Simon MacFarlane

Leader: Anas Sarwar

Deputy Leader: Jackie Baillie

Treasurer: Cara Hilton

Trade Union: Eleanor Haggett (Unison)

Trade Union: Simon Macfarlane (Unison)

Trade Union: Jackson Cullinane (Unite)

Trade Union: Issy Sutherland (Unite)

Trade Union: Louise Gilmour (GMB)

Trade Union: Rory Steel (GMB)

Trade Union: Karen Whitefield (USDAW)

Trade Union: Anne Will (USDAW)

Trade Union: Craig Anderson (CWU)

Trade Union: Katrina Faccenda (TSSA)

Scottish Co-operative Party: Ben Procter

Socialist Societies: Katherine Sangster

CLPs: Scott Arthur (Lothian/South Scotland)

CLPs: Sheila Gilmore (Lothian/South Scotland)

CLPs: Johanna Baxter (Mid Scotland and Fife/West Scotland)

CLPs: Gavin Yates (Mid Scotland and Fife/West Scotland)

CLPs: Suzan King (Central Scotland/Glasgow)

CLPs: Suzanne Macleod (Central Scotland/Glasgow)

CLPs: Lynn Thomson (Highlands and Islands/North East Scotland)

CLPs: Stuart Maclennan (Highlands and Islands/North East Scotland)

SPLP: Claire Baker

SPLP: Mark Griffin

PLP: Ian Murray

PLP: Meta Ramsay

Local Government: Maureen Devlin

Local Government: David Ross

Scottish Labour Women’s Committee: Georgia Cruickshank

Scottish Labour Women’s Committee: Linda Clarke

Scottish Young Labour: Lauren Harper

Scottish Young Labour: Brooke Ritchie

In addition, the Scottish General Secretary (John Paul McHugh) attends ex officio without a vote.

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