Why you should join our movement

People from all across Scotland have joined Labour to work together for change. Find out why.

Who we are

We are a democratic socialist party, founded in 1888 by Keir Hardie and built on the values of equality, solidarity and social justice. We exist to elect a Labour government in Scotland and the UK to put these shared values into action.

What can I do if I join?

As a Scottish Labour member, you’ll help us form the next Labour Government and have a say in our policy. We’ll provide you with all the tools and resources to get involved in events, campaign days and rallies and introduce you to a network of other like-minded members. And if you want to one day, you can even stand for election as an official Scottish Labour Party candidate.

Am I eligible to join?

If you’re over 14, not a member of another political party, and are a British citizen or have lived in the UK for a year or more, then absolutely. Come on in.

How much does it cost?

As little as £3 a year. Most members pay our standard rate of £5.25 a month and many choose to pay more to support our campaigns.

Where is my money going?

We’re built on the contributions of our many dedicated members. Your membership fees pay for the posters, leaflets, rallies and events that you see up and down the country. Every penny is put to good use. Without our members’ contributions, we simply wouldn’t be able to run the Scottish Labour Party.

What happens after I join?

Keep an eye out for a membership pack in the post. Your membership card is in there –along with a whole host of useful information about what you can get involved in. As soon as that arrives, you’ll be a card-carrying member of the Scottish Labour Party.

By joining, you’ll also become a part of your local Labour Party, who will be in touch about ways you can get involved with loads of different campaigns and events near you. You can get involved in everything from policy making to campaigning to social events right away.

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