December 12, 2018 Blog

Labour wants a Scottish budget that works for the many

12 December, 2018

Our communities have been damaged by almost a decade of Tory austerity.

People have had enough, and the time for tinkering around the edges is over.

The Scottish Parliament has significant powers over social security, our NHS and taxation.

We have the power to make different choices, and Labour is calling on the SNP government to use their powers to fight Tory austerity.

Here’s what we want the budget to do:

End the two child cap and rape clause

Top up Child Benefit by £5 per week to lift 30,000 children out of poverty

Freeze rail fares on ScotRail services

A fair funding deal for our councils to protect schools and services

A dedicated fund for Women’s health

And £10m to help those hit by Universal Credit

If you agree with our vision, then join our people-powered movement for real change here.