September 14, 2018 Blog

No-deal Tory Brexit will cause travel chaos for Scots

14 August, 2018

A no-deal Tory Brexit will cause travel chaos for thousands of Scottish tourists, the UK Government has admitted.

In a host of newly published papers from the government, the stark realities of a no-deal exit from the European Union are laid bare.

The papers show Scots will be forced to renew ageing passports or they “may be denied entry” to EU countries from next April onwards.

One leading travel agent says 7 out of 10 of Scots’ most popular holiday choices are in the EU, leading to chaos as the summer holiday season approaches next April.

Those wishing to travel across the continent by car could be forced to buy and carry multiple driving licences during their holiday.

With each passing day the threat of a no-deal Tory Brexit increases with both Theresa May and Ruth Davidson refusing to rule out plunging our economy and the country into chaos.

Both Tory politicians appear to be prepared to put the UK’s economy into a tailspin just to keep their right-wing backbenchers happy.

Scottish Labour says it’s time for Theresa May and Ruth Davidson to take Britain back from the cliff edge and start working towards a deal that protects our country, not a chaotic exit which will clearly harm it.