January 29, 2019 Blog

ICYMI: Why Scotland needs real change

29 January, 2019

You might have missed a range of stats published today, which show why we desperately need a Labour government.


Shocking new figures published today showed that an increase in people applying for homelessness assistance compared.

A total of 18,486 applications for homelessness assistance ‪were made between 1 April and 30 September last year, that’s up by almost 300 on the same period in 2017.

The next Labour government will invest in public services to help vulnerable people, reform the private rented sector and build 12,000 home for social-rent each year in power.

Violent crime

Convictions of non-sexual violent crimes of violence is up by 5 per cent between 2017/18 and 2016/17.

The number of people convicted of homicide soared by 17 per cent during the period in question.

Meanwhile, a third of people convicted of homicide did not face a prison sentence, and neither  half of people convicted of a sexual assault

Labour supports a rehabilitative approach to justice, but figures like this damages trust in the system


Scotland’s colleges have for decades been a ladder for educational progress for working class people.

Sadly, new statistics show that the SNP have taken that ladder away from more than 120,000 people over their last decade in power.

Enrolments in part-time courses have also fallen by almost 45% since the SNP came to power and our colleges have missed out on more than £1 billion of investment since 2007-08.

Labour will invest in education and put colleges at the heart of our long-term economic plan.


And finally, an annual survey shows passenger satisfaction levels  with ScotRail have hit a 15-year low with commuters.

Fewer than half of passengers (39 percent) are satisfied with how the privately run firm deals with delays – a 12 per cent drop on last year.

Meanwhile just 51 per cent of passengers feel they are getting value for money.

This is yet more evidence why the SNP should listen to Labour and bring our railways into public ownership.

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