July 26, 2018 Blog, Media

Tell us what you think about the Paws Clause

It’s long been known that we are a nation of animal lovers.

The bond between a person and their pet can be very strong. Pets provide friendship when you feel alone, a sense of security when in danger and they can even cheer you up when you are feeling ill.

Too many Scots are forced to give up their pets in situations such as being moved into temporary accommodation when they are made homeless.

At that moment of profound personal crisis, when a pet can provide comfort and security, their trauma is made worse by being forced to say goodbye to their companion.

We believe that everyone in Scotland, and particularly those who are vulnerable, should be able to keep their pets no matter their housing circumstances.

Scottish Labour has identified a number of potential policies which would help people and their pets together. We want to hear the views of everyone in Scotland on this issue so we can ensure our policies are not only pet-friendly but will work smoothly when put into practice.

A discussion paper for key stakeholders has been created. It brings together all the key policies and arguments on the issue. You can have a look at the discussion paper here.

We also want to hear what Scottish Labour Party members think. Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire and let us know.

With your help, we can make Scotland a fairer and better place to live for people and their pets.

Claudia Beamish
Scottish Labour Spokesperson for Environment, Climate Change, and Land Reform