Labour want to see Scotland strengthened as part of a modern and changed United Kingdom. The next Labour Government will transform the UK with the biggest transfer of power out of Westminster and deliver economic, democratic and social renewal across the nations and regions. 

  • Labour will clean up Westminster, abolish the outdated and discredited House of Lords and replace it with an elected second chamber. This new chamber will have representation from across the nations and regions, including Scotland, and a specific role in protecting the devolution settlement. 
  • A UK Labour Government will prioritise cooperation over conflict and ensure that Scotland’s view was properly represented in UK institutions. 
  • Labour will bolster the Scottish Parliament, with MSPs granted the same privileges and protections as MPs and stronger powers for the Parliament to hold Scottish Ministers to account.
  • In Scotland, Labour will also push power out of Holyrood and into the regions of Scotland. We want to empower communities with a new fair funding formula and a Local Democracy Act that will allow for the creation of regional mayors and support greater cooperation across regions.

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