To help people with the cost of living, Scottish Labour have set out proposals to help reduce household bills by:

  • Cutting the cost of public transport with caps on bus fares and making the end of peak fares permanent.
  • Relaunching the Mortgage Rescue Scheme to prevent people losing their homes due to Tory economy chaos.
  • Insulating Scottish homes with a Warm Homes Plan to help reduce annual energy bills.
  • Providing wider energy security through a publicly- owned, Scottish-based GB Energy Company.
  • Delivering a £100 rebate on water bills.
  • Creating a strategy to help people struggling with debt and ensure the collection of public debt is fair so people have the chance to get back in the black without debt collectors pounding down the door.

Labour has a plan to end poverty and make work pay by creating more better-paid jobs, driving down household bills, combatting food poverty and reaching our child poverty targets.

  • Labour’s New Deal for Working People will strengthen workers’ rights and tackle the scourge of in-work poverty by banning exploitative zero hour contracts, outlawing fire and rehire and delivering wages that people can actually live on. 
  • In Scotland, Scottish Labour will enshrine the Right to Food into law. 
  • Labour will fundamentally reform Universal Credit system so that is provides a proper safety net for those who need it. 
  • We also understand that a robust social security system must be matched with delivering secure jobs and fair pay so Labour will incentivise people into work and ensure that employability systems and support are well integrated across Scotland and the UK. 
  • The last Labour Government lifted 2 million children and pensioners out of poverty across the UK. With measures like a new deal for working people and a fundamental reform of Universal Credit, alongside a roadmap to reducing child poverty, we will do it again.

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