March 19, 2019 Media

A better deal for students

19 March 2019

Access to education should be based on work ethic and ability  – not the ability to pay. That’s why the Last Labour-led Scottish government abolished tuition fees.

But students need better financial support when they get onto university. Under the SNP grants and bursaries have been slashed.

We’d deliver a new social contract for students – including the following:

A Minimum Student Income

This would be tied to the Scottish government’s living wage and worth around £8,100 per year. This would give students the funding they need to live while studying.

Rebalancing the system towards bursaries, not loans

The SNP promised to write off student debt, but instead it has soared. That’s because students are forced to take out cost of living loans because grants and bursaries have been cut.

Reforming college support

Students in further education have been left behind under the SNP with 120,000 fewer student sin the last decade.

Labour would deliver parity in financial support to university and college students.

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