A positive energy future starts in Scotland, building on the skills, talent and expertise already abundant in the energy sector here. Scottish Labour will make Scotland and the UK a clean energy superpower, delivering jobs, lower bills, energy security, climate leadership, and a clean power system by 2030:

  • A publicly-owned energy generation company, GB Energy, which will be headquartered in Scotland. We will harness the power of our sun, wind, and waves to cut energy bills, deliver energy security, and ensure the people of Scotland benefit from the energy generated on our doorstep.
  • Investment in Scottish port infrastructure so that our ports are renewables-ready and can be competitive in the decommissioning market.
  • Support for 50,000 new clean power jobs based in Scotland.
  • Incentives to strengthen supply-chains in Scotland with Labour’s British Jobs Bonus so that jobs are kept here in Scotland, instead of being offshored.
  • Reforms to the National Grid, removing barriers to facilitate the largest upgrade to the UK’s transmission infrastructure in a generation.
  • Creating a decarbonisation hub at Grangemouth and supporting industries such as carbon capture and storage.
  • A local power plan that will develop up to 1,000 renewable energy projects in Scotland through partnering with energy companies, local authorities and cooperatives.
  • A Warm Homes Plan that will upgrade homes across Scotland, which currently has some of the draughtiest, oldest housing stock in Europe. We will deliver warmer, lower-emission homes.


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