Labour will deliver a true NHS Recovery Plan that transforms our NHS into a modern service that is based in communities, values its staff and focused on promoting health as well as treating illness. Labour’s vision for the NHS will:

  • End the cuts to primary care services and deliver a mental health worker in every GP.
  • Harness technology and innovation so patients can be diagnosed and treated more quickly.
  • Grow the NHS Scotland workforce by retaining experienced staff and increasing training places here in Scotland – paid for by funding from a UK Labour Government’s plans to end the non-dom tax loophole.
  • Invest in social care with an end to non-residential care charges and an immediate rise to £12 per hour for social care staff – paid for by pausing the SNP’s disastrous National Care Service Plans, prioritising funding for social care and ending delayed discharge.
  • Reform our NHS to cut unnecessary bureaucracy and ensure that patients can easily access services in their own community.


Watch our video on the crisis in the NHS, looking at the SNP’s historic mismanagement of our healthcare system:

Our Winter 2022 NHS Recovery Plan

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