When did nominations open?
Nominations for the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party opened on 18 January and closed on 19 January. Monica Lennon MSP and Anas Sarwar MSP were both validly nominated.

When will I receive my ballot?
Ballots will be distributed to eligible members from Tuesday 9 February 2021. Members without emails or those who share an email with another member, will receive a postal ballot.

Who is eligible to vote?
Members and Supporters who joined on or before 16 July 2020 are eligible to participate, provided your membership was fully paid-up by 5pm on Friday 20 January 2021. No new members or affiliated supporters will be accepted into the ballot. How will I spot the ballot email? The email will come from Scottish Labour Party ([email protected]) the subject will be ‘Scottish Labour Party – Scottish Labour Leadership’.

What if I haven’t received the ballot email?
1. Add [email protected] as a safe sender.
2. Check your junk and/or spam folder.
3. Check that you have the right email address registered to your membership. You can check which email address is registered to your membership at https://my.labour.org.uk/
4. Check that only you are the only person whose membership is registered to that email.
5. If you are still having problems on or after 15 February, please complete the contact form to request a ballot.

Can I post a picture of my ballot paper online?
To ensure the integrity of the ballot and the security of your details, we strongly advise you do not do this. Each ballot contains codes which are unique to you and can only be used once. By putting these online you risk someone else using your vote.

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