Scotland has the power to lift the two-child cap and abolish the Tory ‘rape clause’

Scotland’s devolved budget is fast approaching. With more than 200,000 children in Scotland living in poverty, it is vital this budget delivers real change for our society.

The Scottish Parliament has powers over important areas such as social security, income tax and our NHS.

Scottish Labour wants to see these powers used in the interests of the many, not the few.  Our social security system must become fairer to protect the most vulnerable.

Last year, the Tories imposed a two-child cap on Tax Credits and Universal Credit, a move designed which punished parents for having more children.

The only way to receive the financial support that you need was to prove that any additional children were conceived through rape. A move which shamefully forced rape victims to relieve their trauma.

As a result of this cap, almost 4,000 families have been left out of pocket. Some will be short changed by as much as £2,780 in the next financial year.

Scotland now has the power to lift this cap and abolish the associated Tory ‘rape clause’. Labour is clear, the SNP government must use these powers to lift the cap.

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