Scotland’s NHS Recovery

This last year has shown more than ever the value of our NHS and the incredible staff who work in it.

After coming through the collective trauma of Covid, we can’t go back to politicians arguing with each other while our NHS loses out on funding.

And the truth is that this crisis has exposed years of underfunding and understaffing in the NHS.

Never again should our NHS have to choose between treating a virus, or treating cancer.

That is why Anas Sarwar has outlined Labour’s NHS Recovery Plan to build our health service back stronger than ever before.

Our plan to restore and renew Scotland’s NHS services

Support our plan to restore and renew Scotland's NHS services

Support our plan to restore our NHS – so that it never again has to choose between treating cancer and treating a virus.

Our National Recovery Plan for the NHS would:

  • Get cancer treatment back on track with a catch up programme to identify the missing 7,000 cancer patients
  • Get ahead of the next pandemic – mental health issues – by investing in a dedicated mental health worker in every GP practice in Scotland
  • Tackle the backlog in diagnostics and surgery with outpatient and elective centres in every area of Scotland
  • Provide a real pay rise for NHS staff and raise social carers’ pay to £15 an hour, with an immediate rise to £12
  • Deliver a National Care Service that puts service and dignity before profit

Together with you, Labour will reward our frontline heroes and restore our National Health Service.