August 14, 2018 Blog

Labour launches radical plan to fight climate change

14 August, 2018

Our planet is heating up as the impact of climate change worsens each year.

We have  do more as a society to cut carbon emissions  and start to get to grips with the problem before it’s too late.

That is why Scottish Labour has announced ambitious plans to radically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in Scotland over the coming years as part of the Climate Change Bill.

Under our plan, Scotland would achieve net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Along the way to that milestone interim targets would be set in place to ensure emissions are reduced by  56% by 2020, and 77% by 2030, supported by a Just Transition Commission.

These radical proposals contrast with the SNP government’s plans to cut these emissions by just 90% by 2050.

Scottish Labour will continue to engage with trade unions, businesses, local government, and the third sector to develop the plans for long-term climate action and the ‘Just Transition’ for workers.
Only Labour is offering a radical vision of change for the environment and the economy to ensure our society works for the many, not just the few. Join our movement for real change here.