August 17, 2018 Blog

Labour launches Mary Barbour law discussion paper

August 17, 2018.

Scotland’s housing system is broken.

Around 170,000 Scots are stuck on waiting lists for social housing whilst private-rents continue to soar.

Too many young families are now caught in a vicious cycle – a lack of affordable public housing forces people to rent privately and as a result many are paying rip-off rents which stops them saving for a deposit to buy their own home.

That is why Labour is proposing a Mary Barbour law to radically reform the housing sector with bold and ambitious change.

We will seek to regulate the private rented sector to ensure that no one is forced to rent a home that pushes them into poverty or falls below the standards needed to protect their physical and mental health and well-being.

A home is a basic fundamental human right. The Scottish Parliament must ensure that that everyone can exercise this right to live in security, peace, and dignity.

While the SNP tinkers around the edges, Labour will deliver real change.

Over the coming months Labour will contact thousands of tenants and landlords as part of a major discussion paper to guide their reforms to the private rented sector.

We want to hear from you. To join in the discussion, please click the link below.