May 25, 2018 Blog, Media, Videos

Only Labour offers a vision of hope for Scotland – Leonard

 A UK Labour government would:
  • Deliver a £20billion National Transformation Fund for Scotland to invest in jobs and infrastructure.
  • Establish a Scottish Investment Bank with £20billion worth of borrowing power – ten times what the SNP propose.
  • Ban zero hours contracts and raise the minimum wage to a real living wage of £10 an hour.
  • Oversee a renaissance in public ownership in areas such as energy, mail and rail
At Holyrood a Scottish Labour government led by Richard Leonard would:
  • Give our public services the funding they need by making the richest pay their fair share with a 50p top rate of income tax.
  • Lay down rules on the £11 billion Scotland hands out in public contracts to drive productivity.
  • Establish an industrial strategy so the government has an active, accountable role in driving growth.
  • Invest in education and training so every person has the opportunity to succeed.

Labour would grow the economy from the foundations up, but cutting poverty and dramatically improving the cost of living for working class families.

Labour said this vision of radical governments at Holyrood and Westminster contrasts sharply with the SNP’s low tax, low regulation case for separation.
Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said: 
“Only Labour, not separation, will deliver an economy that puts power, wealth and opportunity into the hands of the many not the few.
“There is no case for separation that matches Labour’s vision of an anti-austerity, pro-public ownership economy.
“The real divide in the UK is not between the people of the four nations – it’s between the richest and the rest of us.
“Rather than building borders between Scotland and England we should be building homes, schools, and hospitals.
 “The SNP government can attempt to reboot the case for independence as much as it likes. The people of Scotland do not trust it and want a government focused on jobs, schools and hospitals instead.”