May 25, 2018 Blog, Media, Videos

Only Labour offers a vision of hope for Scotland – Leonard

Only Labour in government in Scotland and across the UK offers a vision of hope for Scotland.

With the SNP Growth Commission looking at low tax, low regulation economies, and the prospect of an independent Scotland facing unprecedented levels of austerity, only Labour can deliver the kind of anti-austerity, pro-public ownership economy the people of Scotland want.

May 25, 2018 Blog, Media, Videos

New independence blueprint a ‘cuts commission’ – Leonard

Labour has branded the SNP’s latest blueprint for independence a ‘cuts commission’ as it recommends a decade of unprecedented austerity.

The commission suggests a Scotland outside of the UK would retain sterling – known as ‘sterlingisation’ - leaving Scotland with no control over monetary policy and the value of wages, rent and mortgages, and the risk of no lender of last resort.

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