October 10, 2018 Blog

Scottish Labour calls for more support on World Mental Health Day

10 October, 2018

Monica Lennon MSP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport.

World Mental Health Day is a day of education and reflection.

We all have mental health and any of us could experience poor mental health at some time.

Attitudes are changing but stigma still gets in the way of people speaking out about mental health and accessing the help they need.

World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to have a chat with family, friends and colleagues about what affects our mental health and wellbeing.

More people are coming forward to their GP about their mental health or seeking help in school or at work, so it’s really important that Scotland’s NHS has enough staff and resources to provide help quickly in our fast-changing world.  Despite lots of warnings the Scottish Government has failed to equip our NHS and other public services properly.

As a result, over 14,000 children and young people waited longer than 18 weeks for mental health treatment and many more were turned away.


After years of campaigning by Scottish Labour, Nicola Sturgeon has finally promised to provide access to school based counselling. Our young people deserve nothing less. 

On World Mental Health Day 2018, Scottish Labour says thank you to everyone working in our NHS, public services and third sector who dedicate themselves to making our nation healthier, mentally and physically.

In opposition, we will always fight for the resources you need and when we are in government, we will never allow people to be turned away when they are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Today and every day Scottish Labour is committed to fighting for better mental health outcomes for the people of Scotland.