July 11, 2018 Media

It’s time to redistribute wealth and power

11th July 2018

The gap between the richest and the poorest in Scotland is growing, new figures have revealed.

Analysis of Scottish government statistics reveals an almost £700 per week income gap between the richest and poorest households in Scotland.

Here are 5 things Labour would do to redistribute wealth and power.

1.  Make the richest pay their fair share, with a 50p top rate of tax.

2. Increase Child Benefit, helping over half a million families.

3. Fixing the broken housing market by building more council homes and reforming the private rented sector to ensure fair rents.

4. Taking public transport back into public ownership – meaning fairer fares for working people.

5. We’d stop the cuts and invest in lifeline local services that the poorest rely on the most.


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