July 7, 2018 Media

Our 10 point prescription for the NHS

7th July 2018

Our NHS turned 70 this week, and Labour activists were out across the country delivering birthday cards to NHS staff.

Services and staff are under immense strain after years of underfunding. That’s why Labour has a plan to ensure the NHS is able to not just surivive but thrive for the next 70 years.
Labour built the NHS in 1948 and it is only Labour in 2018 that is putting forward radical plans to ensure our grandchildren have a health service that is there for the many, not just the few.
Our 10 point prescrption

1.              Use the tax powers of the Scottish Parliament to deliver more money for our NHS.

2.              A health inequality assessment of every government policy to ensure a positive impact on health outcomes.

3.              A credible and deliverable workforce plan. Reverse cuts to training places made by Nicola Sturgeon and delivering a meaningful pay increase and a return to collective bargaining.

4.              A generational shift in mental health services with access to a mental health counsellor for every school and crisis mental health services.

5.              Protection of local NHS services to stop threats to paediatric, maternity and Out of Hour services.

6.              Taking the fight against Scotland’s biggest killer head on with a cancer diagnosis within 2 weeks.

7.              Access to vital lifesaving medicines, so patients don’t have to share their intimate stories on the front pages of newspapers or by protesting outside Parliament in order to get the medicines they need.

8.              Adequately fund local government so we can end cuts to social care budgets and the scandal of 15 minute care visits.

9.              Access to free sport and a bold obesity strategy so we can prioritise prevention and promote good health and wellbeing.

10.          Impose a cap on what private agencies can charge for a single shift so that we can reduce agency spending which has skyrocketed under this government.

Labour established the NHS based on need, not the ability to pay, and we’ll never stop fighting for it.  If you agree, add your name here