Our National Recovery Plan

We are emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, but the impact on our people, our society and economy has been significant. It has been tough for us all but it is important to recognise that the impact has not been felt equally across society. Here we set out Scottish Labour’s immediate priorities for recovery. It contains our plan to avoid a social and economic crisis, and to take steps to reduce the impact of the physical and mental health crises that Covid-19 has created.


A Collective National Effort

Scottish Labour’s vision for the country in five years is one that is free of the restrictions placed on us by Covid-19, where the looming social and economic crisis has been dealt with successfully through government and civic action, and where we have strengthened our NHS to prepare it for the future.

To achieve this vision, we believe our country must be focused on recovery for the next five years. That means the energies of our government and our parliament should be on a collective national effort to fully recover our country from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Scottish Labour has set out our recovery plans for jobs, the NHS, education, our climate and our communities. In each of these areas, Scottish Labour is establishing a specific national mission to focus the energy of our country on the big challenges we need to solve if we are to build a fairer Scotland with increasing equality and prosperity.

While our recovery plans set out immediate actions that the government must take, our national missions set bold and far-reaching ambitions for our country that will keep us focused on long-term recovery, not short-term interests and old arguments. Whether from government or opposition, Scottish Labour will seek to enshrine these national missions in law so that our sights remain firmly on the bold and long-term change our country needs.

Support our National Recovery Plan

Let’s deliver a national recovery plan so we can build a fairer and stronger Scotland together.

Jobs Recovery
NHS Recovery
Education Recovery
Climate Recovery
Community Recovery

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